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Vehicle parking and storage was founded by Real Estate and Automotive executives with over 40 years of fleet management and storage experience. provides fast and scalable solutions that can expand or contract based on parking and storage needs in the ever-evolving automotive industry. Our unique group of Real Estate partners grants us a footprint in every US market and major metro. With thousands of acres in our inventory, we can “flex” to accommodate vehicles for as little as 30 days up to 5 years.

fleet mobility management leverages emerging IoTtM technology to reduce logistical complexity, enhance monitoring and security, and streamline operations. Our leading-edge telematics-based platform delivers the most advanced fleet tracking capability on the market today, providing robust and scalable fleet management solutions. Combining GPS and car-to-cloud sensors, our integrated telemetry system seamlessly connects vehicles to transport coordinators, enabling real-time tracking and optimization.

Vehicles We Accommodate was built for OEM, Fleet, Rental, Dealership, Government




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fenced and secured lots

Services We Offer

Vehicle Transport uses a national network of drivers to safely and effectively transport vehicles for commercial fleets, rental companies, OEM’s and dealerships. Whether you need to relocate an entire fleet or transport a single asset, provides professional and timely transport.

Reconditioning offers cost-effective solutions to restore and recondition cars, including repairs, paint and polish, headlight restoration, wash&vac, and more.


Inventory Management is a technology-driven fleet logistics company that leverages tech to provide our customers with turnkey solutions and rapid access to data and location services. Delivering real-time visibility via a cloud-based PaaS system, your fleet data is accessible from any internet-ready device, putting you in total control of your fleet.


Title and Registration network professionals provide title and registration services for across the United States. Avoid penalties and save time by letting us take care of the paperwork. Verify liens, complete and submit application forms, and transfer titles easily with


Sale Preparation sale preparation services include condition reporting, superior imaging, and vehicle merchandising.

Vehicle Maintenance Services

Keep your fleet in optimal mechanical health with’s menu of maintenance services.
Services we provide include:
Data Removal, Engine Oil Change, Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Transmission Filter and Fluid, Tire Service.

Advanced telematics


Telematics connectivity provides an all in one vehicle tracking and fleet control solution

Cellular Connectivity

Connects via an nb-iot or LTE- CatM1 band SIM card

Location Tracking

Concurrent GNSS tracking (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)


Vehicle Status

CAN Bus transceivers to read status such as mileage, speed



Two parallel interrupt lines for vehicle or function immobilization


Accident Detection

Built in accelerometer for accident/incident detection and logging

Keyless Entry

Supports external key module to hardwire key-remote circuit board for full keyless entry

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