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ParkMyFleet is growing, and we are looking for some more awesome people to join us

Ready to Help Change the future of Mobility?

Our company is set out to change how fleets operate, we are now growing across all 50 states.  We specialize in providing safe and secure lots for fleets to focus on what they are best at. Our 24/7 locations support fleets across the nation. ParkMyFleet is in the process of designing and building the future of EV infrastructure. 


Our Locations

The current layout of our lots varies by location, some have buildings, and others have a mobile office. The daily work routine involves walking, inspecting the yard, managing the gate for secure access, and maintaining up-to-date inventory records. Some locations require hands-on vehicle detailing. 

Competitive Salary

Our LA/LS (Lot attendants / Lot Security)  and VIS (Vehicle Inventory Specialist) position starting pay are competitive for current market rates.

Growth Opportunities

Our company hiring policy is to always try and promote rising stars before hiring from outside of the company

Flexible Shift Work

Offering 4/8/10 hr shifts, full-time and part-time applicants welcome.

Passionate Leaders

We believe that work should be a good place to go; our team is all about good people with a great attitude 

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